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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vegan banana-blueberry muffins

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Light and refreshing, they are surprisingly indulgent at that same time!

Original recipe HERE

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1 tsp. baking soda
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • 3 very ripe bananas
  • 1 cup sugar
  • ¼ cup canola or vegetable oil
  • ¼ tsp. vanilla
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries, thawed and drained

Friday, August 31, 2012

Oreos chocolate ice-cream



This is a creamy, smooth and very indulgent vegan chocolate ice-cream. We started making this last summer and it has since been a staple in the house.

Ingredients: (Makes a small tub)
  • 1 can (400mL/ 13.5 oz) coconut milk, 2 cans coconut cream
  • brown sugar
  • cocoa powder (I used raw)
  • vanilla essence
  • salt
  • chocolate Oreos
  • Refrigerate 1 can coconut milk, 2 cans coconut cream overnight.
  • The next day put in the blender/ food processor the contents of 3 cans in the blender, add 1 1/2 cup of brown sugar (it’s 1/2 a cup of sugar for every can ), 6 (or more) tablespoons of cocoa powder, 2 tsp of vanilla, pinch of salt, blend!
  • Put the containers (whatever you want to store your ice-cream with) in the freezer
  • Pour the blended product into the ice-cream machine. My will turn for about 30mins. This step will vary according to your ice-cream machine's instructions.
  • Pour  the finished ice-cream into containers. Stir-through half a pack of crushed Oreos.
  • Freeze overnight.

convenient store food in Japan

Udon bought from Family Mart- the fresh lime and spring onion really accentuated this convenient meal.

Convenience stores (conbini) in Japan are very handy for quick and cheap meals. What on offer generally differs between stores, but they usually carry quite a variety. I loved the udon, one of my other favourites was 100 and 200 calorie salads with sesame dressing.
While in Japan we resorted to being vegetarian- vegan food wasn't always easy to find, especially when you don't understand Japanese.


Soy Latte from Seven & I Holdings- the Japanese 7-11. Serving sizes in Japan are small but the food is very delicious& satisfying- this soy latte is one fine example.Seven& I Holdings

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rainbow bird rendez-vous

What we ordered was a surprise to us, we were not sure what we were ordering.
Despite the English name, and despite the fact that the staff could speak some English, the menu was in Japanese, and the waitress was not able to explain in English what the dishes were. Nevertheless, we thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere and the friendly service.
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My main dish was an onigiri, pickled vegetable& salad, and miso soup- a light but satisfying meal.
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Dean got this noodle based dish topped with fresh lettuce and mock meat drizzled in a yummy sauce.
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For dessert Dean got slice of chocolate cake. Mine was a warm crepe served with ice-cream. Oishi!
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After we finished our meal we walked around the beautiful lantern lined streets of Naka-meguro.  There was a busy grocery store on the left in the photo underneath.
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Mindy in Naka-meguro.
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Rainbow Bird Rendezvous
Yutenji 1-1-1, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan 153-0052

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Deva Deva Cafe

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This place was hard to find- I got lost- so folks my advice would be print out the map before you go.
The cafe has lovely interiors- with filtered light through the glass windows.
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My burger was nice. This was the first place in Tokyo that we found wholemeal bread. We had not seen wholemeal bread anywhere else. After a over a week of eating white bread this was a refreshing change.
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Dean had mushroom& mock meat burger& chunky cut chips.
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Drum roll! Deva deva cafe is my favourite place for vegan dessert in Japan the world. My first dessert was a white chocolate and berry mousse. This was divine!
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Dean had a chocolate mousse.
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Dean's chocolate triffle- chocolate ice-cream, banana, sponge cake, whipped cream, and dark chocolate.
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My second dessert, despite my bulging stomach, was heavenly! It was a trifle with red beans, mung beans vanilla ice-cream, and whipped cream. We stayed in Tokyo for a week and I did not have a chance to go back. But it is on my to do list to eat dessert then when we go to Japan in 2012.
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Devadeva Cafe, 2-14-7 Kichijoji-Honcho, Musashino-City, Tokyo Phone : +81 (422) 216220. Website:

Monday, October 3, 2011

Soul Mama- St Kilda

Photos from 2 years ago. We love the desserts and the beautiful view from Soul Mama
Soul Mama
10-18 Jacka Blvd
St Kilda VIC 3182

EDIT* 31/12/11
Soul Mama moved to a new location on Fitzroy St, Saint Kilda. We dined there two days ago. It no longer offers the amazing view, nor the good food we previously enjoyed. If you are going there expecting something like the old Soul mama you will be sorely disappointed.

This was really good value- you could fill your bowl with a choice of 4 dishes- I had a potato salad, a tofu dish, a noodle dish, a (?) dish, served with rice.

Dean enjoyed the dhal that was part of the 4 he picked.

The vegan chocolate dessert was divine!

Brown rice cafe-Omotesando

One of the best vegan restaurants we've been to in Japan. We ate there 3 times. One of the books available for the customers to read was the vegan cook book-  The conscious cook by Tal Ronnen. He wrote on the first page- something along the lines of- To the staff at Brown Rice cafe, best vegan food I've had in Japan.

I especially love the bento lunch- food in tiny bites bursting with colours and flavours.
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DSCF2052 a

The little cupcakes with a dollop of tofu cream and mint served on the side. It is tiny, typical of the portion sizes in Japan.

Brown Rice Café
5-1-17 Jingumae
Close to OmotesandĂ´ St, Exit A1
Open daily until 9pm

Another time we ate there we ended up ordering the same dish- tofu and vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce with a few sides including pickles and miso soup. As you can see we could not make up our mind what to drink, hence the green tea latte, iced tea, and water.

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